Blog Introduction

Blog Introduction

17th October 2018 Off By tgtmedia

So my tutors have been persuading people to start keeping a log of what they have been doing over the next 3 years at Uni, and I agree, it seems to be a good idea and a easy way to get people interested in me and what I do.

So, what’s my plans?

That’s a good question. And I seriously don’t know. I want to try and keep this page up to date with both client work, my personal stuff and even the fun times we have in and around the Leeds area. 

I will be making two portfolios within this website, and will be uploading to it at least once a week. There are multiple reasons for having two portfolios, but the best way to describe why is to list what’s going to be in each portfolio.

Portfolio 1 – Clean Portfolio

So my clean portfolio, it is going to be what it says, clean, smart and sophisticated. This portfolio will be aimed at clients who want to see the final projects and don’t really care about what happened in between. 

It will contain the following:

  • Project Overview
  • Client Details
  • Review of final project
    • Image of product
    • Client Testimonials
      Youtube & Social Links to all content

Portfolio 2 – Dirty Portfolio

It sounds a bit weird to call a portfolio “dirty”, but it’s more about the way the portfolio will be presented. It will contain all the hands on photographs, videos, raw code and much more. If it shows me doing some work, and having fun in the process, I want to have it on there. 

This portfolio will contain: 

  • Project Overview
  • Progress Reports
    • Weekly Updates
    • Daily Updates (when working on something)Scrapbook ImagesColour SchemesPen & Paper Drawings
  • Learning Progress
    • Teaching at uniTime Loops of lecture projects
  • Review of final project
    • Image of productClient Testimonials
      Youtube & Social Links to all content
  • Free Content
    • Uni ProjectsSpeed SessionsOpen CommissionsOpen ToolsOpen Code
  • Personal Updates
    • Cool things
    • HovercraftingNew Ideas

And Much more! 

I really want to start making use of my websites and the systems in which they run on, using it to my advantage and grow a following while doing so.

Social Media

So everyone who knows me, knows I have social media everywhere! I love the damn thing and can’t get enough of it. So why should I hide what I love?

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Website Hosting – TGT Media Ltd

So I’ve been working on creating a hosting platform which I believe would be suitable for users who want to get started on the internet. I’ve launched it as part of my company TGT Media Ltd. If you have been kind enough to stay and read this page, please check it out at or click the link below