Being productive

Being productive

19th October 2018 Off By tgtmedia

Well, I wish it was as easy as it sounds. Being productive is hard to be some times. The everyday struggles get on top of you and you slowly find yourself backlogged on tasks you should have done.

For a change though, I was actually productive today, I set out tasks for me to complete and did so.

So, what has happened today?

Well, not much as far as the eye can see, but with a microscope you can see all the little things which I’ve been working on.

The headline things which have been achieved are that my website got updated with new content, mostly in the knowledge base but I’m also beginning to add all the products into the store.

Hopefully once this is done, I can start uploading my templates, free assets and such to my client area for people to download.

Plans for this weekend?

Over this weekend I intend to achieve one goal. To finalise my client area and start using it for my projects, to advertise and start building a reputation from my services when and where I can.

(Oh and note to self, make a featured image for this post)