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22nd November 2018 Off

Leeds shopping

By tgtmedia

So it’s been a short while since I’ve done anything worth posting about. And that’s really upsetting, I need to…

30th October 2018 Off

GreenHippo Day 2

By tgtmedia

So pictures are worth a thousand words right? So what is a video worth? Green hippo day two involved projection…

29th October 2018 Off

Greenhippo day 1

By tgtmedia

Day one of Green Hippo training is complete. We learned plenty of helpful and interesting things from the guys from…

21st October 2018 Off

4002 – Music Video

By tgtmedia

So Lets start with the awesome news, I’ve found myself an artist to work with for my music video module…

19th October 2018 Off

Being productive

By tgtmedia

Well, I wish it was as easy as it sounds. Being productive is hard to be some times. The everyday…

18th October 2018 Off

Client Area

By tgtmedia

I want you to have the best experience possible when I’m providing a service, so with my partners in crime,…

17th October 2018 Off

Blog Introduction

By tgtmedia

So my tutors have been persuading people to start keeping a log of what they have been doing over the…