4002 – Music Video

21st October 2018 0 By tgtmedia

So Lets start with the awesome news, I’ve found myself an artist to work with for my music video module due April 1st. But what exactly is my music video module you ask…

Let me tell you fine sir. 

Assessment Brief

You are required to produce a portfolio of visual content that evidences an understanding of basic technical skills and knowledge in computer aided design.

The assignment will be delivered in the form of a music video for a piece of music. You must use all the softwares, methods and techniques that you’ve learnt to create the video.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

LO1: Demonstrate a level of basic proficiency in creative workflow software for visual design.

LO2: Demonstrate an understanding of the technical skills, methods and techniques used in the production of digital design development.

LO3: Examine the technical and creative possibilities of specific software tools and workflows

So what’s got me all excited?

So, I’m always on the search for exciting ways to make uni work beneficial to more then just “learning”. I normally use my work to build contacts, however this time, it looks like I will get to do something much more awesome. 

So I dropped a message to my friends on Discord (Get discord totally not bias cause I recently got accepted into their events team…), and asked if anyone had suggestions for artists who would be interested in working with me to get a free music video. 

A good friend, “Robo” messaged back suggesting a artist called “UniRob” on YouTube would be a cool person to work with, so I listened to their work and decided to use there original song “Fireworks”. 

Fireworks by UniRob, Original Song

This morning, I reached out to UniRob to get their permission to work on the song, and we spent the best part of 2 hours discussing what I would like to do with this track.

About the track

So we started talking about the track. In July 2018, he went on a trip to america, he had planned the trip for a long time and was looking forward to the trip, even though he didn’t know anyone he’d be travelling with. Starting in Chicago, they travelled around america from town to town till they came to Baltimore. 

Over these few months had been difficult for him, suffering from depression, homesickness and dark thoughts, he was struggling through emotions with the intent of becoming a better person.

He met up with “Kelly”, and they travelled around for a bit. The 4th July came about as they were near Greenbay, and they had know plans to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. 

A kind family invited them to stay at a house of the lake, telling them “you can watch the fireworks and enjoy the festivities with us”. That night, UniRob felt a calming happyness which he hadn’t for a while. 

The lyrics “2 orphans on an the 4th of July” came from this night, it was a joke amongst the family which had taken in these travellers that they were two orphans staying for the festivities. 

To UniRob’s surprise, after this night, he no longer felt homesick, and began to realise that no matter where you go, people are friendly, and you will build relationships, that the world isn’t a scary place and its full of fun and life. 

What are our plans going forward?

So much to UniRob’s disbelief, I have called in some favours from students studying at the Access To Music College Birmingham and am attempting to get access to the recording studio for a day so UniRob can record his track in a professional environment with audio engineers to assist him.

We would like to up the tempo pushing the song from 120 Beats Per Minute to 160 Beats Per Minute to cut down the time of the song.

We plan on using Ableton studio to remaster the track afterwards, adding a drum line and possibly even pushing the song towards the EDM genre of music. 

We will then be using Notch & After Effects combined with Maya and 3D Artwork to create the music video to match the theme.

Time Line of Events

Story boarding of this will begin tomorrow after I’ve had enough sleep to be able to function.

Music Recording will happen before the end of November.

Music Mastering will complete before January.

Video Production will commence January, and continue until Mid February. 

Videos will be uploaded 1st April along with submission to Bolton University for marking.  

It’s Late for me, so I’m going to sign off and head to sleep. Have an awesome Sunday and I’ll see you all Monday with more content